What bored people are saying about Whip Ass Gaming:
Of course when I think of Sega I think of this site
This website reminds me of Angelfire websites from the 90's. I do love it.
I haven't explored every section of your site as of yet but if the little bit of the Sega section I saw is any indication the site is properly named - WHIP ASS.
Holy shit...... Haven't found a site like this in some time..... Your site is exactly the reason I loved the 90s....... Damn I miss those times....... All the idiotic postings on the Sega group........ The console wars at the height of their peak........ When games were good.......
If you don't appreciate this site, you and everything you love should be crucified.
Mediocre my eye, it's one of the most unique and easy to navigate sites on the web.
You keep putting "you" instead of "your" you dumbass...
thanks for a great website
your website alleviates so much of the boredom at my job. You're my hero
I like your site a lot because it's obviously hand-made (yes, that's a good thing). I don't like how most sites are (since the 2000s, when websites all started becoming blogs and using templates. I like how your site has little surprises, not everything is the same format... like when i looked at the game genie page for The Immortal it had a couple of screenshots and link to the cover scanned. thanks for making this great site.
Love your site, it takes me back.
My socks better not be full of toothpaste when I get home!
The best classic gaming website I've come across in a while, I am completely serious. Whipassgaming is a complilation of awesome.
Hey boy, The site is really looking sharp. Nice job on the Kitty Care Tips. I'll try that on Abbie tonight. :) I really like the look your using. Very strong, uniform AND COOL!!!!!
nice site
hi ... i only want to say ... that i think your page is amazing !!
I like your site :) LOL to the games in the tub shot...very nice. Also enjoyed the kitties; I have three furry babies.
{on (attempting) Mac Classic Gaming}
* What's Mac accelerated about it, that goofy CGI pic on the homepage? What, is it rendered on the web page or something? Oooh, I'm so impressed. 
* i especially appreciate your rise of the dragon soundfix... a genial game needs genial sound, alright.
{on the Duke Nukem 3D review}
* That's about the dirtiest page outside of a porn site, but it's very well done. ;)
great site! i always was a big sega fan and macintosh fan, so you understand i like your site.
The site is funny as a bitch and I'm laughing like a whore - Monkey Boy
your site was pretty neat. I downloaded the loom PPC patch off of it, and it works! have not played this stuff in years! Thanks, and just for the record, I do not mind that you named your cat after me.
Very interesting UT G.O.T.Y page
A nice site with tasty goodies floating around for the good old Genesis lovers.
I'm a big fan of your site - Francesca Dani
love your site greattttttttt
Great Site!
{on Sound{e}scapes}
* Hey, now that's an awesome site. There's really nothing like that online, that gives the originals as samples, credits the composer and links it to the game with a picture. That's a great idea man.
* i think its hella cool you have all this music from the old games and stuff
* I've been checking out your Whip Ass Gaming site for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it, especially the Soundescapes section.
* I've ran into the "Sound{e}scapes" section of your site the other day and this was a real treat! I'd like to thank you for putting up this nicely designed section and for ripping the cool music!
* holy shit man, you are very skilled when its about gaming music, i found a link to your site and your music is great...How were you able to get it all in to the pc? anyway love your work
* that's pretty awesome
* I fucking love you!
Castlevania? Megaman!? Is that Doneky Kong Country? Ahhhhhhhhhhh This site is awesome, I love you man, really... just pure love. Don't you have the NES version of Bloody Tears? I had it but it loose some where. By the way I like the commentaries you made of the soundtracks.
* Hi, I just wanna say what a kick-ass job your doing reviving the soul of these music genre. If I knew how I would do the same.
* wow! O_o
awesome work, been playing with it all night. tomb raider and flashback songs are indeed great!
* You got a nice collection of tunes. Like how you made long meledys out of them.
* Hey dude! You've built up a pretty sweet collection.
* Hey. Thank you so much for doing this. As an old school gamer I can really appreciate the work you put into setting this up and even finding the original scores and composers for these peices of gaming history. thank you.
* Hello you have an amazing Internet page I am a game fan and never found the game music until I found your page congratulations.
* good job by uploading those BGM Videogames
* I just found your site last night and loved everything I saw. I'm most interested in the music section you have..
* WOW!! thanks for putting up Ninja Warriors mp3... i'd never heard the sega cd arrangement
* The good folks (folk?) at Whip Ass Gaming have recorded some of the tunes from Jumping Flash and made them available for download. The music is simple, but really fun, much like the game itself. iPod worthy in my opinion (at least, it’s on mine!). Actually, WAG has *tons* of great video game music, so be sure to check out their other offerings!
* Hi Bel jus wanna say thank you for the upload on ur site for the Street Fighter II: Special Champion's Edition, i got the oringal tracks i was looking for and i was woundering how on earth did u manage to get the oringal soundtracks from the games? Because like, i been trying for donkeys to get the oringal sound track of the net and nobody has them, expect the 1 and only you!
* I just want to say thanks for bringing these old school console game musics back to life cuz i was so searching for old songs!
* I wanted to let you know that I like your site, especially the modest, little video game soundtrack section you have. =P
* Love the site so far, especially the Sound{e}scapes section. Keep up the good work.
* Again I like your website and appreciate that you stay true to the source material as remixes will always SUCK!
You have a great site and I hope you keep it going!
Bel.. Love the site dude..
Thanks for creating this resource and sharing your video game information and passion. =D
This is a fun site to browse through, by the way
I liked your website but I was hoping for something a little less wordy and easier to follow, like porn. You know you could add a small face-less porn section. I mean you've got cat tips, why not?
mmmm... hornsby's compliant browsing!
Your website kicks ass!
I snooped about and saw the kitties and game reviews and heck, I liked it.
I checked your review site out, it's pretty good.
{on Kitty Care Tips}
* I really enjoyed the "kitty tips."
I really like your site. I especially like all the kitty stuff and I love the kitty song.
* I love it. I own two cats of my own, and thus found the cat humor to be particularly amusing. The large Sega section is great, too. Anyhoo, great site, and I'm looking forward to more cat stuff.
* that cat reminds me of mine!
* I hope your kitty is feeling better. BTW, more Kitty Care Tips, jk.
* My DH sent this to me. It's pretty funny! Warning, there are a few f words in there somewhere.
* This guy is hilarious. I can't wait to see his Kitty House Cleaning section, heh.
* found this on google, just got a kitty today, hilarious, thanks :-))
* Heck, your cats a evil one!
* Your cat is cool...! ;-)
* I like the kitty.
* Your cat looks *exactly* mine. That's freaky.
* your kitty medicine plan is hillarious, I couldn't stop laughing for a while, my kids were laughing too! keep up the great work
* This guy has what every video game site needs - Kitty Care Tips.
* They're so awesome and cutesy and fun!
* Jus a bloke, his cats and they're fascination with games
* This is one of the more funnier games related sites ive seen. The cat tips is one of the best parts
* lol that was really funny
* I really enjoy youre website (Especially the Kitty Care Tips: "VERY slowly, reach over to the faucet handle and turn that bastard on full blast!" hahaha!)
{on DVD Reviews}
btw: the robocop review is some great literature. reviews are a new art form.
checked out your site. Must be getting huge in size (wait u mention the size) :( my GOD!. Good site though.
Don't you have a 300 meg limit?!?! DAMN. The site's huge!
I love the website
Hmmm seems alright, must admit i like sites like that as i then realise my web design skills arent that bad
i think belpowerslave is a pretty cool guy, eh makes game reveiws and doesn't afraid of anything.
one kickin' site
Computer gaming and graphics ... and the challenge for the perfect e-babe!
A site with Sega, old Playstation and CATS! Check it out.
A website by a YouTuber known as Belpowerslave, WAG is an interesting and humourous website that covers a lot of Sega and Playstation stuff. It's worth checking out.
{on WAG Videos}
* Sup' Bel. I'm a big fan of your website, Whip Ass Gaming, and I'm happy that your uploading videos. You basicaly got me buying a Sega Genesis and I've actually got a little bit of a collection going on. Thanks for re-introducing a great retro system.
* Glad to see the Sega section getting some action. MORE!
* Keep up the good work! The more oldschool video footage we have online the better.
* Great video!
* Somebody *needed* to get videos of these online.
Great job, It was my first game on the MegaCD and I liked it so much, even today I like to play it; only the sound is really annoying nowaday. Thank you so much for sharing this very cool video.
* you have the best videos i have been looking for good 32-x stuff for months
* And i really enjoy watching the videos too! Keep updating that site & uploading those vids!
* Ok, so my 5 year old is obsessed with this game at our local arcade and we have watched your videos about 100 times. So…thank you!
* Dude I just finished watching your Harry Potter vid. and you're the man!
* Hey i know your site :p I came across it a couple of times strange to find out you have a YouTube channel too doh! Keep up the good work :)
* hello!. nice videos!
* Wow, I am a satisfied customer!?
* this is on sonic jam for saturn, i got my first erection when i saw this. shame it never released.
Dude - your site is AWESOME !!!! I'm sure you hear that all the time, cause it really is great, but I wanted to say it anyway. I love the music section and have already downloaded a bunch !!! I finally have met someone else who may love Powerslave as much as me - I firmly believe it is the greatest First Person Shooter of all time. I will be logging some serious hours on your site. In case you were wondering, you definitely KICK ASS !!!!! Thank you for putting up this site and keep up the good work !!!!
your site is pretty stylish
Its a damn good site. I tell everyone I know to check it out.
Good reviews, by the way.
LOL I just love reading your site, Bel. You have such eloquent wording.
{on PSX Classics}
Wow, I just read your review of MKT; pretty funny about the cheap AI. I vaguely remember that version of MK coming out, but had forgotten about it. Now, I wish THAT was coming out on xbox! I didn't even know Chameleon(?) and some of those other characters existed!
Hey, I just had to drop you a note thanking you for the laugh and the trip down memory lane in your r.g.v.s quotes section. PS. Nice job on the Sega tower.
I am truly impressed!  You created this whole website?  WOW!!!!
i love your page.
I have visited your site and I'm amazed!! (that was the coolest site ever!)
BTW, great site, keep up the good work.
Compliments for your website!!!
I've been visiting this site off and on for quite a while now, and I really like it.
"daddy, DaDDy, DADDY!"
"my head hurts"
"How about I punch you in the stomach to make you forget about your head?"
- not really a comment, just something I heard some hick telling his 5 or 6 year old daughter the other day
{on Commercial Hate}
* I think its funny. I also want to know how you did it, but at the same time I'm thinking damn Bel really does have too much time on his hands. I do like it. This is being honest :) I've seen the comercial and thought very similar thoughts about what it was saying
* That has to be the funniest thing on your site man. Dude, I laughed out loud. I never laugh outloud.
* I took a look at some of your page. I like your anti-commercial tirade. I thought I was the only pissed-off guy around. :) Anyhow, keep up the good work. We need as many vocal people as we can get.
* Man, that fucking section totally cracked me up, you seemed apoplectic!!!
* Hehe, yes. It was a great section while it lasted. I agreed with everything that you said in it. >:-) I also understand why you closed it, as every other week you'd get a commercial aired on TV that would be potential candidate for slander. :-)
* I was roaming around the Old, Dead Sections for the first time and saw the Day in the Life section. It and the Commercial Hate (and wow, was that a lot of hatred) sections were hilarious.
{a translation of a description of my site from AltaVista}
* Original Description:
le site de Bel, généreux donateur du Grenier, sur son site sont répertoriés de nombreux vieux jeux, n'en manquez pas la liste, car il a ajouté, lorsqu'ils existent, les patchs nécessaires à leur fonctionnement sur 9.2, et vous pouvez même directement les télécharger, bref, de quoi enfin rejouer à ce foutu vieux jeu qui était 'achement bien !

Translation from AltaVista:
the site of Beautiful, generous giver of the Attic, on his site are indexed many old men plays, do not miss the list of it, because it added, when they exist, the patchs necessary to their operation on 9.2, and you can even directly download them, in short, of what finally rejouer to this foutu old play which was ' achement well!

Heheheheh, just in case your wondering, the translation is off...just a bit. ;) My thanks go to Annick at Le Grenier du Mac for linking to me. :)
Wow! You sure have hadded a whole lot more pages than the first time I found this wonderful website! Good job!
thx for working so hard to make the site!
Anyway, it's a cool site!
your personal website looks like a site for anime pervs. you have pictures of cats and half naked cartoon ladies. you're an idiot
PS, your site is awesome. Keep up the good work.
I've been visiting your site for a long time now and love the fact that there's still room on the internet for hardcore gamers.
Holy CRAP! Nice site.
Bel I really enjoy what you've done to your web site
I just love this site and want to see have a longer shelf life then most of it's kind.
your site is great... can'T believe i never heard of it before now 0.o
{on the Making of the Tribute to the Women of Videogaming Preview}
* btw, your tribute project looks *very* cool. i already bookmarked the page. ;-)
* Yeah it looks great. Is Oni's Konoko going to be on there? :) (And your cat cracks me up!)
* Lock Baraka in the bathroom! Keep up the good work, and don't whack the kitty!
* I got it just finished looking at the Women of video games. Looks good
* Cool deal dude. Dang that's a lot of pics....
* that's a lot o' female pics!
{on the Tribute to the Women of Videogaming}
* it looks fucking great
* Nice, bel! It looks... Whip Ass.
* Very cool
* First, I want to say the Tribute is completely kick ass. I can't think of much that would make it better.
* Seriously, the collage is very impressive.
* Whoa, that is huge!
* Excellent Bel, that's something to be proud of creating. Smack the cat for getting in the way so much won't you?
* Where's my the pic of Chun Li doing a high kick? The one that I used to pause for five minutes when I was a sexually depraved adolescent?
* Nice montage though (although it could do without Stevie Case). :)
* Nice...
* The only thing I left out would be "five years?? You sick puppy." LOL! :D
* Congrats on a job well done that clearly took a lot of work.
* Bel, that IS a nice collage you did on the women of videogaming
* Nice job, by the way. It looks excellent.
* Actually I'm quite impressed by the amount of obscure no-names he's got on there.
* Hmm...not seeing the BAG cast (SHORTY!!!), WW7 characters, or Pupa and Angel...but it has Reiko on it so it's legit.
* Where's Waldo... er Lara..
* Hmmm...well good concept, anyway.
* good job on the women of video games!!!
* He has...that female...thing...from Sonic. Whatever.

* I'm glad it turned out as well as it did. That thing was literally months in the making.
* OK, so it's by no means the most impressive collage ever. But I still think it's kinda cool that he'd not only saved random HOT HOT gaming mag clippings for a few years, but also actually gone through with making something out of it. I find it quite inspirational too...
* Wow cool, can you order this poster?
* Dunno, i'm sure it would look great at home!
* Wow dude. just cruising the web and came across ur site. just pm'd u to say thats a damn fine piece of work :)
* i was just looking at your website. you must've put alot of work into it. you have picutres of practically every girl from every game....um ever
* Interesting site, dealing with the computer graphic women in games
* Yeah, I looked at the entire tribute. That was extremely impressive.
* GOD EVERY SINGLE SECTION and one of them is a REAL PERSON! This is deffinatly a subpar effort at best. The dude just took any picture of something with tits from any game magazine that haplessly crossed his passed. Also, what the hell is with that background? Yeah light blue that looks fantastic and why is there so much empty space? Dude needs to learn how to make a decent tribute, with like a river of his blood or something.
* hey i admire a true gamer and a fan.... nice work and good determination.
* I don't wanna know how long that took! I would look for 'em but since my eyes hurt, hell no, I ain't doing it- but there best be Bloodrayne and Summer (Outlaw Golf) on there!!!
* I instantly hate this thing more than anything in the world!!! Seriously though, I'm not really impressed.
* No, it's not he most impressive thing in the world, but everyone hating or going "meh" on this needs to be smacked on general principle.
* Let's count the Lara Crofts, shall we?? 1, 2, 3.........
* tribute? Not really. More like the fan serive.
* And yeah! Get that cat outta the way, blocking the eye candy!
* Hi there, I stumbled upon your website recently and I wanted to say, great stuff! Especially the women of gaming collage thing.
* Not many cute girls, are there?!
* Well, it IS mediocre in delivery. I wouldn't say effort, because I wouldn't know what kind of real effort the guy put in this project.
* Wow
* I simply have to play 'Fear Effect' now.
* Looks like fun. I'm going to try it too.
* I don't know if this is art, or what to call it.
* Meh...simple collage stuff. Nothing really spectactular IMO.
* I wasn't just looking for skin. I guess that is just my personality
* Hello, I love your tribute to video game women.
* mmmmm... Stevie Case...
* Congratulations on your tribute. Absolutely beautiful.
* that tribute collage is great. I really liked it. I like you bad kitty too!
* Hello i really like your site and your tribute to the women of video gaming
* The Tribute - KICK ASS. That is a piece of gaming fandom taken to a level I have never seen before - I love it! VERY WELL DONE!
{the following is from a small feature on the Tribute by the guys over at RobotStreetGang}
* Another Friday Fan Page:
BelPowerslave of Whipass Gaming has created a T&A-heavy homage to female video game characters called "A Tribute to the Women of Gaming." The image is impressive, but a little misleading since BelPowerslave has chosen to focus on only their asthetic contributions. The inclusion of the not-so-slender Ms. Pac Man seems the only nod toward other body types. 
Thanks for yor site

{on the Old School Sega Section}
* Good, short reviews.
* Wow, awesome page Bel! The Immortal is such an awesome game.
* BTW; I just checked out your web site. I liked the old school Sega section.
* The reviews are nice, even though I sometimes violently disagree with your opinions.
* Your high bandwidth stuff is badass!
* I like your straightforward style!
* Your site is really awesome, your reviews and gifs are funny as hell. great stuff and the wit is just awesome.
* Man you have a ton of shit! Its good to know theres other head cases out there.
* Wow, your MK pages are pretty thorough!
* you know, i bought this version on your recommendation (whip ass gaming spake the truthz).
* GG Shinobi rocks and I'm glad you did a review for it, the gifs are awesome too!
* hey these animations rock btw
* Wow, cool stuff!
* Good review. Though, I've never played the game so I can't tell you if I agree with you.
* I love your site, especially the pictures of the boxes of various systems.
* anyway, your reviews rock, though i usually think your cat is more right than you :P
On a different note, this site reminded me of the Sega Scream. Remember that? SEGA!!!
* Anyway, nice site! It certainly brings back the memories.
* mainly a Sega fan site, but great none the less
* I was checking out WAG, all I can say is wow! It must have been awhile since I looked at it but you have so much multimedia stuff now. I think I had seen some of the MK and Eternal Champions gifs but all the new animations and audio are really sharp. Great job.
* hey man i went to your sega page and it's awesome
* I just wanted to say that your site is the best game genie code site I've come upon, Mostly because It's Simple, easy to understand and Straight to the point. A+++ On your site

* I came across your site while looking for in-game shots of the VMU's in the crates and saw you had a nice write-up on the beta of Half-Life for the Dreamcast. anyway, thought I would comment, and nice site!
* Your site kicks major ass man. Some of those old school Sega reviews have me on the floor.
* Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your work with the GG scans; they are very helpful. Thanks!
* Whipassgaming is the shit. Finally there's at least one person in the world who actualy acknowledges that Golden Axe III kicks ass.

{on the Mortal Kombat -ality Demonstration}

* first off.. Bel. Great job on the MK animated GIF fatalities. Very comprehensive and I suspect quite a bit of work. Great job... I'm impressed :P
* Well a guy called BelPowerslave who used to frequent the Segafans boards has a snazzy website and I just found out he had a UMK3 fatality section. CHECK IT OUTZ0R !!!!
* Waste some time watching gifs and avi's of the fatalities etc.
* The author put interesting remarks about the characters.
* Very cool.
* Awesome find, I think I've seen this site before in the past.
* There's so much goodness in .gif form
* Thats awesome.
* Oh wow. I'm bookmarking those!
* Wow. I couldn’t believe someone took the time to not only capture the fatalities to GIF form. But you captured ALL the finishers! Very cool man. I wish you could have used the arcade version instead of the Genesis version but that’s ok. I still appreciate all the work you put into capturing them all.
* werddd thats gangstaaa
* Great win, very yes.
* thats pretty cool how they show u when u click on them
* that was entertaining!!
* excellent.
* One of the best stumbles in a while.
* The pic won't load for me, it redirects me to a scary website from the 1990's with cats and GIFs for a sidebar. <:(
{from Game Set Watch}
* Also, the other 'Special Projects' stuff is pretty amazing - for example, all the fatalities from UMK3 on the Genesis, heh, and lots more besides. It's good to have bizarrely complete sites like this!
{on the Eternal Champions: CftDS Finisher Demo}
* damn, a 2.8 meg gif. midnight overkill is worth it. (:
* Awesome man. A better tribute to that awesome game could not be made!
* Splendid work. Some of those sudden deaths are hilarious.
* Great idea. Eternal Champions CD is a great game that never got nearly enough respect or coverage as it deserved.
* I think it's great man, great games need great tribute pages. ;)

* I just wanna say your EC gifs ROCK! I have always wanted to see them on the net. THANKS!
* great page
* you can view them all in .gif form thanks to a dedicated gamer.
* LOL.. the gore is hilarious. Makes any bitching about GTA violence seem pretty pointless.
* Some of the ones on Eternal Champions are brutal as ****!
* That's some effed-up gaming right there. I wonder what degree of political insanity would ensue if such a game were released today?
* good work, cool GIF's
* I just watched all those gifs and holy hell thats some gory stuff.
* Lovley site. The Eternal Champions sections my fav!!
* thanks for the awesome page devoted to Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Darkside. It single handedly made me go out and buy a Sega CDX as well as this fine title. The effort you spent making the page alone, captures and all, is truly a testament to your love for the industry as a whole. Thanks for holding the flame and putting your time in for the benefit of all. We fans aren't so niche, and we do appreciate it all.
* Awesome. Great, hilarious, over-the-top, violent stuff.
* There a great site showing all the death moves in the Mega CD version
* Woah those eternal Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side finishing move gifs rock
* A rather solid collection
* LOL. That's some funny shit.
* Deadly X-Ray and The Long Fall are the most gorey imo. Hell, I could barely watch the end of The Long Fall!!!
* I just wanted to drop you a line saying I think your web site is awesome!!! I stumbled on it while i was looking for info on one of my classic genesis games Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side. Needless to say your page with all the kills was more than i could ever dream of finding. Thank you so very much!!!!
{on The Genesis Game Box Massacre}
* By all that is good and, erm, easily displayed on a shelf by a hook, NO!
* By the looks of pic #5 he'd been drinking. More proof that alcohol and pussy doesn't mix.
* Hilarious!

{on Sega Logo Fun!}
* Looks good so far
* Extremely cool. Nicely done, Bel.
* Pretty nice :)
* Looks awesome man. You've given me a faith in gifs I never had before.
* That's pretty neat Bel! Keep up the good work.
* Great !
* Still a great idea. Wish I'd have thought of it. :^)
* Wow, this is great. Outstanding work!

* Kind of a neat site with some cool stuff, but this is the real deal
* I like the "Fuck you Sega!" one the best
* I love those logos
* sweet. Nice work!
* a cool webpage featuring Sega startup logos
* Neato keen!
* Too damn good
* Awesome. Great avatar material too, I made four.
* All sorts of kickass, bro.
* Nice!
* ahhhh the memories.
* Haha... That guy singing "Seeegaaa"... OMG. Near brings me to tears.
* great find!!
* I enjoyed your recent additions to the Sega Logo fun series.
* WhipassGaming has a kickass collection of Sega logos from Back In The Day.
* Interesting site that has a bunch of Sega logos from the intros of games.
* Oh, the memories...I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. With a slight hint of bitterness.
* Ahh... nostalgia...
* I really enjoyed seeing the collection of Sega logo animations on your Web site.
* Very cool :)
* The more time I spend on his page, the more cool stuff I find. Some of the review pages have music, and he even has a page dedicated to gifs of different incarnations of the Sega logo! I think I'll be on this one for a few days.
* Wow this brings back memories. God I loved my Sega Genesis.
* It's quite interesting.
* Things like this really show an appreciation for retro beyond just the game experience.
* Bringing back memories.
* The Sonic one was the best one.
* i always loved the sonic intros.
* the best ever

* Be sure not to overlook this excellent page
* Cool, a site on Sega gifs

* Re: Great Retro-gaming websites - the sticky thread!
Sorry for jumping into the conversation late without reading up or anything, but if Whip Ass Gaming hasn't been mentioned yet, it should've been! Lots of mostly SEGA-related stuff, and a great article showing all of the different ways the SEGA logo was shown in different Mega Drive games over the years.

* Yeah, I am a great fan of pixel art and this site has displayed some wonderfull examples of animated pixel art in animated gif-format.
* This is incredible.
* Epic site is epic.
* That one's awesome. What's cool is that it also has the Sega logo animations from Game Gear, Sega CD and 32X games
* Man that site is awesome!
* These are one of my favorite gaming memories from my younger years. The Genesis rocked

{from Press The Buttons}
* WhipAssGaming has a fascinating little gallery of the two dozen or so variations of the Sega logo, everything from the blood red logo of Chakan: The Forever Man to the rotating and scaling symbol of Sonic 3D Blast to Earthworm Jim flexing in front of the aforementioned emblem. There's four pages of nostalgia in the form of animated GIFs and Quicktime sound clips plus a fifth page of Sega 32X logos for good measure. Go ahead and do the Sega scream or sing the Sega jingle; you know it's what you want to do.
{from Game Set Watch}
* Over at the Excess Gaming website, they've got a pretty amazing collection of Sega logo anims from Genesis titles - all painstakingly captured into animated GIF form, presumably by running an emulator over the original ROMs.
Interestingly, the above linked page is just 'Vol.3' of a gigantic set all housed in the Special Sega Projects section, and some of our favorite anims include the obvious (yay, Earthworm Jim 2), the extremely obvious (Vectorman, and the crazed (uhh, a death metal zipper for Devilish?)
{from Error Macro}
* Scientists have determined this is five kinds of awesome: Special Sega Projects, a collection of animated gifs of all the various ways the Sega logo appeared in the 16-bit days, as well as gifs of all the Eternal Champions and Mortal Kombat series fatalities.
{from Armchair Arcade}
* A site called Whip Ass Gaming is running a very neat collection of Sega Genesis, Master System, and GameGear games that had a bit of fun with Sega's logo. This is obviously a labor of love, but it is interesting to think how developers can get creative with a company's logo. There are so many here that it's hard to pick a favorite, but if you're a Sega fan you're going to lose a few hours here. It's really nice to see websites going beyond screenshots and doing these "screenplays." The only thing missing here is the sound!
{from insert credit}
* Frank showed me this just a bit ago, a site chock full of animated gifs of old sega genesis logos. Check the bottom of the page for links to several more archive pages, even a bunch of 32X ones. Apparently the site was featured on G4 at some point, so there you go. Can't say I'd heard of whipass gaming before, but it's not a bad website. It reminds me of the mid-90s, when the internet was young, and anyone who could slap some html onto a page seemed an authority to me. Memories!
{from Kotaku}
* GameSetWatch points to this amazingly amazing collection of Genesis-era Sega logos, captured into GIF animation by running an emulator over the original ROMs. There are also logos from Game Gear, Sega CD and Master System. Check out the extra umph put into these games.
{from chaotic.signal}
Everyone remembers the SEGA logo and sound from MegaDrive/Genesis games, that distinctive droll “sega” chorus. Every now and then a game would come along with a different intro and my eyes would pop out in surprise. I knew there were a few unique animations but apparently I had no idea.
The people over at whipassgaming loved the logo animations so much they have decided to copy every unique SEGA logo they can find from every Genesis game they can get their hands on and there’s a lot.What they have come up with is a large collection of gif animations representing all of the best and some of the most obscure game intros I have seen. Some of them will take you back and some will make you wished you played that game! So head on over to the Sega logo fun page and check them out for yourself.
{from WAG's appearance on G4TV}
* Logo-A-Go-Go: Relive the Sega logos of your torrid youth from these Genesis games at WhipassGaming.com.
* are you aware that this was featured on Attack of the Show last night?
* Thats really cool Bel, my fav was the sonic one. Thats really cool that your stuff was on "Attack of the shows" Congrats!
* FUCKING NICE! I seen the site...I seen the episode yesterday..put 2 and 2 together...read some more on this thread...Your famous!! That's awesome!! Niice!! Woo! I'm excited! Can I get your autograph?
* Congrats on the site being featured!
* Wow! That's awesome man.
* Pretty cool!
* That was so cool...
* congrats about your site getting mentioned on g4
* wow!!! didn't know you had been on TEEE VEEE!!

...Anyway, I really dig your website, man.
your personal website looks like a site for anime pervs. you have pictures of cats and half naked cartoon ladies. you're an idiot
I don't know how I forgot about this cool website for so long. I've just been busy with work and there never seems to be enough time... but I have to make time for this great classic gaming site, especially for Sega...
Love the cat pictures at your site, btw. : )
Nice job on the site. You must be doing something right.
You've really hit on three systems mainly Genny, SCD and 32x and you have a real nice start on X Box. More Saturn and Dreamcast reviews, hint, hint, jk. The Neo Geo stuff is cool as shit.
I especially liked the RGVS quotes on your site.
Keep up the great work.
I've been a long-time fan of your site, thanks a lot for building this great place to go at on the web. Your humor is particularly funny! Also, I noticed you're a fan of game music, with great tastes.
Nice website.
I managed to see your new account and that site of yours is still up, good to see. It looks pretty impressive, good job on that.
hello, nice site, retro gaming rules and a special nod to the virtual women out there
I should also point out that I'm a fan of your site as well, Bel. Love the title. How's Baraka, by the way?
{on the Weekend Project: Bel's Sega Museum}
Bel, you rock and all......but how is it possible that you have a girlfriend and I don't? lol what a world......
I'm a big fan of your Whip Ass Gaming website
{on PowerSlave}
* Your site's damned good, and I was wondering, about the Powerslave page, did you rip the sprites out yourself?
* You have a nice site. I'd never even heard of Powerslave, and I thought I knew all the first person shooters. Now ya got me out looking for a copy of that too.
* Hey, like ur web site. Good stuff - I too wanted to make love to Lobotomy back in the day. Keep it up!
* Thank You for the trip down memory lane. It was nice to see all the old powerslave stuff.
* Hey, just wanted to say great site, and thank you for the Lobotomy/Powerslave/Death Tank sections. Talk about a trip down memory lane...
Site looks fine to me, Bel! But....I'm intimidated by Baraka........*shiver*
i think you web site is wicked and i visit every day
HEYYY I LOVE What you have done on this site of you'r!! keep up the good work!!
you have a better personal site than many many others.
love the web site just been there for about an hour lol@kitty
Realy enjoy your WAG website.
major 1337 site. keep it going!
{on the Weekend Project: The Tower that Sega Built}
* Your Video Game Tower rules! How many games do you have, anyway?
* Argh.. Beaten.. That was a bit funny, though..
I just fuck with you on your web site stuff, its genius, take your time its worth it.
I love ur site i am always on it everyday....
I will continue to be an avid fan of your Whip Ass Gaming website.
nice site btw
About your site: I visit it quite a bit. I'm a huge fan of archived media. I visit it quite a bit, actually. I especially enjoy '93-'99 era games, so I've done a good bit of looking in your PC, Saturn, and PSX sections. Unfortunately, my old Hauppauge card can't fit in my new system and the ADV Pyro A/V Link unit I got was busted, so I'm left ripping video reviews of stuff from old issues of IE Magazine and putting them on youtube. Long way of saying that I enjoy the site!
That dude's cat wins. Baraka owns.
http://www.whipassgaming.com - entertainment
We especially enjoyed reading your views on Mutation Nation
your site is very good!

{on the House of Renders and the artists who created the pieces displayed there}
* Wow Lara Croft and Kasumi never looked better!
* Technology makes better babes; Rendered Babes.
* Virtuele vrouwen gaan het helemaal worden in 2004! Alleen vallen wij eerlijk gezegd niet zo op aziatische vrouwen!
* Alleen maar gerenderde babes.
* Mmmmmmm - Rendered 8008135!
* oh aeris how i missed you!!!
* some of those are kinda creepy
* digi boobs
* 3D computerized ladies are nearing reality.
* Rendered women? I'll take Jessica Rabbit.
* A gallery of all the game-babes. Check out Aki from Final Fantasy or Ayane from Dead or Alive!
* Would you look ast the size of those vectors?
* Bonita página para todos aquellos amantes de las nenas digitales y las curvas artificiales. Nada menos que 10 galerías en este tributo a los artistas 3D
* WOW. nice site Bel!! I was amazed at how many pictures you've collected. The House of Rendered Woman is the most complete one stop place for any picture of a hotty. Great job.
* i really love the works you have here on your site
* I came across your site while searching for images of Soul Calibur girls. ( My current favorite game) I am totally inspired by the stuff on your site!!
* Just a note, You really need to change the name or stop using the acronym "HOR" to refer to your collection of women. :^)
* Yes! It's half naked women, but you can't get into trouble, because they're not real!!!!
* I'm enjoying The House of Renders
* I discovered your site yesterday when I played a bit with Google. Well, it's a real treasurebox full of beautiful renders and I guess it will take me some time to get every picture I'd like to store on my machine. (I'm still surfing with a modem ;)
* Love your House of Rendered Women web site.
* Tons of pictures of rendered eoman. Leeloo is still the best
* God bless the ppl who have taken time out of their busy shcedual to bring us this collection of fine young (and some old) women.
* That's some serious collection.
* House of rendered women. Not as bad as it sounds
* Hey dude, I ike your Rendered women section of yuor site, very nice : )
* Thank you for Printing my CG.
* Nice pics! I could imagine how many people go there everyday
* Nice site.
* Haha. All rendered women are welcome in my house.
* pretty good site especially for having no hentai good find.
* bookmarked, after some heavy panting nice find funny!
* This is probably the best collection of beautiful, rendered women I've ever seen at one website - and I've been looking for years. Congrats! Well-done! and..., thanks!!!
* I am an avid admirer of rendered women as you have them displayed on your website. A truly fantastic collection.
* they have some good girl renders here
* Firstly, the House of Rendered Women is excellent - you seem to have pictures of every 3d game girl I can think of. I liked seeing Elexis from the game SiN again.
* Here's a little gem of a site with like a brazilian pics of rendered women.
* Ooooo... F.A.K.K.2 renders!
* zomg!
* That's a really good site
* they have some good girl renders here
* My #1 Pic Site...
* If you’re among those who find the concept of CG and rendered women distasteful (uncanny valley, anyone?), we can assure you that you won’t have a problem with Bel’s bevy of busty babes. Explore twenty pages’ worth of original virtual hotties and game characters by a huge variety of talented digital artists…most scantily-clad, many fully nude…and all of them hot and sexy and badass, just the way we like ‘em.
* For all youse hat like renders and babes
* Some of them are really awesome
* sum very fine pixels in there
* Wow, that's a nice site!
* Awesome
* pretty nice site
* Ohhh pretty polygons....
* worth a look!
* Beautiful site
* Should I be ashamed of having masturbated to that?
* Video game pr0n - What could be better - Reminds me of my hot ASCII art...Ooh, la, la...;->
* Hey, you have a fantastic rendered girl picture site!
* Some time ago, I went searching for pix of one of my favorite video game heroines and came across your page. Nice stuff. :)
* That's so cool man.
* full collection here. kinda creepy at the sametime
* some dam good renders in there
* Some really good 3d work here.
* Just came across your site yesterday, wow! what a brilliant collection of images. thank you.
* Really an amazing collection. One of the cool things about the galleries is that most of the pictures that are posted are linked to the original sites from which they came, whether they were gaming sites or ones maintained by individual artists or what have you.
* I just found these awesome photos on a site that features a treasure trove of images depicting digitally rendered women.
* What a great collection of photos you have.
* full collection here. kinda creepy at the sametime
* In a word—WOW! You won't find more rendered women anywhere with only one click of a mouse. An online museum of sorts
* Fabulous Art Collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a number of the best examples of this genre that I have ever seen. Keep up the great work.
* If your fetish is virtual girls, you must visit Bel's House of Rendered Women. Here you will find a nice collection of computer-generated beauties, from Lara Croft to Antonia Bayle to the latest ATI girl clad in red leather. Each one existing only in cyberspace but looking as if she is about to climb out of your screen at any moment.
* Interesting fan collection of female characters from video games. You'll sooner find a one-eyed, six-legged female lead game character than one in an A-cup bra... so the only real letdown here is the lack of diversity in the bodies of the female characters
* This is a great archive of pictures of female characters, all 3D rendered. Watch out for the smutty ones. Amongst the terrible pics, there are some greats. It has links to all sorts of websites, some of which have more pictures that aren't in that gallery and are worth looking at.
* Do you have a thing for pixelated girls? Do you feel like calibrating your joystick whenever you see Kasumi play some extreme volleyball? Well have we got a site for you! Its Bel’s House of Rendered Women, this site indexes over 3600 images of 3D females, from Aerith to Aki to Lara Croft, this site has it all and then some.
The gargantuan amounts of devotion used to create this site borders with obsessive psychopathy and the author will eventually end up on your 7 a clock news in a bloody murder scene or move to Japan, where this kind of thing is as common as stealing girls’ panties. So go now, browse to your heart’s content, and try not to go blind ;)
* This is an amazing site. It's great that there are contributors like you around.

* Really cool CG site w/ doa girls in it
* Now that's a lot of pages!
* good site, nice renders
* purty nice site ya got thar
* "Unlike us real women, I could just hit
the "delete" key to make them all go away."
* wow..the man's collection is really amazing...
* great job dude keep it up
* ome of the pictures there are really HOT
* wow lots of renders on that site
* GOOD site ,i like it . I am thankful for your work!!
* I want to say that some pics are very sexy!!
* Wow, that's a lot of renders.
* pretty nice site
* oh god there so many good pics there thanks
* An awesome site, my friend! Haven't seen such quality since my last visit to Renderotica.
* Just been browsing in your House of Rendered Women, wow! It must've taken a lot of work putting this all together. Thanks for sharing all this artwork and keep up the great work.
* Gotta love that Dixie and Reiko pic.
* The site is awesome.
* Well Great Site... I Love It Very Much
* Rather nice collection (very extensive) of polygonated cleavage.
* renders are the best!
* A lot of interseting pics on that site. Random pics, and many game related ones. Varying quality, but well worth a trawl through
* doa girls taking a shower looks crazy!
* that has alot of awesome CG images other than DOA.
* the quality is indeed.. great
* If you have ever wanted to know what is going on in the world of computer generated images this is a good place to start. Some of the pictures here will have you wondering if they are photos of real women or not. Make sure to click the link under each photo you like, that takes you to the artists page.
* Nerdsturbation material
* Bell's House of Renders features women from a great many video games including Final Fantasy, Anarchy Online, Virtua Fighter and more.
* I like your render page tribute and just wanted to thank you for it
* I love this site.
* this might be one of my fave links
* rally a cool page thnx
* I've visited your site for a long time throughout the years and would like to say thanks for displaying some of the 3d beauties from around the world. A lot of artists would have never been seen by my darting eyes if it had not been for your site.
* I used to live on that page
* This site has pages upon pages of all your favorite female fighters from all those Japanese fighting games. It is also a skill to be able to render pictures that well.
* Woohoo! Videogame girl spank-bank... Um, I mean if you're into that kinda thing... 'Cause I'm not... Uh, forget I said anything.

Very nice, very nice. ;-) That site loads fast, and looks pretty nice, too! I haven't been able to go through all of it yet. Five years is a long time to put in a site and it definitely shows. <g>
I'm curious - everyone who's been around rgvs for awhile has seen your website, but where's the gratuitous pic of YOU? You can't be *that* god-forsaken ug-lay...?
there is the direct link to Bel's House Of Renders..that dude is god and if you want more check out the forums its pretty tight stuff.
Nice design work
You have one great web site.Enjoy your reads.
Overall, it's a fantastic site!
{on the Big, Heavy-ass Xbox Section}
* I just took a look at your xbox game reviews; Wow, way to cover a game!
* But what I liked most was your review on Rogue Ops. I got the game just a week ago and I really love it. Unfortunately, it looks like the game didn't sell very well, and my hopes for a sequel are currently shattered. Reading your review under these circumstances was like hearing someone telling me: "Don't be too sad. You're not the only one who liked that game." Ok, maybe I'm a bit sentimental. Anyway, the review was also entertaining and informative. I hope you'll add more reviews to that section.
{on reaching 100k hits}
Woohoo! Congrats! I bet 50,000 were cats.
yours really is one of the better designs I've seen out there...
What a quality website! I'm gogin to have fun looking through it today at work!
You have a wonderful and fantastic site here. I love it.
Whip Ass Gaming Covers Sega, Playstation, Neo Geo & XBox in true Rock n Roll style.
Any way thanks again for your great web site
Plus, your name is pretty sweet, I love whipassgaming.com as a name, that rocks!
god bless your site!!
{on my articles for the Examiner}
* This is a pretty awesome article.. =]
* Just got done reading a few of your articles. Good work!
* I enjoyed your pawn shop post. I grew up with my immediate family and many of the extended members owning them. I miss the awesome stuff.
* Thanks for the glowing review. It was nice to read your review and see that these important goals of ours shine through.
{whining about my review of the sub-par FX Game Exchange}
* Please be more careful in your journalistic efforts in the future. Believe me, it pains me to read it....
Great work on your page. Keep it coming.
Nice site, though I'm not fond of the grey text. :)
Bel's a good guy and his website rocks, and he has no artistic or corporate interests beyond a love of gaming to promote. :) And I hope that's something we can all get behind, whether or not we use his forums.