Special Sega Projects
Genesis Sega Logo Fun! Vol. 1
Genesis Sega Logo Fun! Vol. 2
Genesis Sega Logo Fun! Vol. 3
Genesis Sega Logo Fun! Vol. 4
Genesis Sega Logo Fun! Vol. 5
Sega CD Sega Logo Fun!
32X Sega Logo Fun!
Master System Sega Logo Fun!
Game Gear Sega Logo Fun!
The Sega Logo Fun! Project:
ALL of the wild, wacky, cool and fun stuff that's ever been done with the Sega logo across five of your favorite Sega systems!
Mortal Kombat Fatality Demonstration
Mortal Kombat II -ality Demonstration
Mortal Kombat 3 -ality Demonstration
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 -ality Demonstration
Mortal Kombat -ality Demonstrations:
Gif animations of the various "-alitites" across four editions of MK.
Mortal Kombat Gold Fatality Demonstration
Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side Finisher Demonstration
Genesis Game Box Massacre
Unreal Tournament FAQ
A return to the hardcore violence of part one, presented to you in Divx.
Vendettas, Sudden Deaths, Overkills and Cinekills...all gif'ed just for you.
When box tabs come up missing...
Tips and tactics to help you survive the Tournament.
Game Gear Game Genie Codes
Genesis Game Genie Codes
RGVS Memorable Quotes
Game Genie Code Library:
A continuing effort to publish any and every Game Genie code for the Game Gear and Genesis.
An ever growing collection of amusing, idiotic and all around fun quotes from the usenet group rec.games.video.sega.
A page paying tribute to the greatest development team of all time, Lobotomy Software.
Whip Ass Videos
Weekend Projects
A complete listing of every video on the site, from gameplay videos to demonstrations videos and more! Lots of Sega-related videos too!
Complete lessons in pure stupidity and/or boredom. Virtually all of them Sega-based!

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