Note: As per usual, my disclaimer of the gifs not accurately portraying the game's animation, speed or framerate apply here. Also, the emulator I used(Gens) to get the shots from has a nasty issue with the layering at the the top of the screen, so you may notice weird stuff going on around there. This only happens when playing the game via Gens. Finally, for the Cinekills, only Shadow's shows the full version, all others have the beginning cut(where the Dark Champion initially appears) to save space. Note: Hidden characters do not have Cinekills.

Shadow Yamoto

Larcen Tyler

R.A.X. Coswell

Vendetta - Sword Slice
Overkill - Electrocution
Sudden Death - Godzilla!!!
Cinekill - A Ninja's Death
Vendetta - Butterfly Assault
Overkill - Drive By
Sudden Death -
Don't piss off the clerk
Cinekill - Internal Bombing
Vendetta - Cyber Punch
Overkill - Freeze and Shatter
Sudden Death -
Cinekill - Falling to Pieces
Vendetta - Batter Up
Overkill - Dino Meal
Sudden Death -
Into the Lava
Cinekill - Stoned
Notice the character's eye popping out and rolling along the ground during Shadow's Overkill.
What you miss out on due to the fact that there's no audio, are the nasty sounds during Larcen's sounds wet and gooey.
In R.A.X.'s Overkill we see a little of Sub-Zero's Ice Shatter...before Sub-Zero was even doing it...
Normally, the dino sprite goes *on top* of the clouds, not under...


Mitchell Midleton Knight

Xavier Pendragon

Jonathan Blade
Vendetta - Trident Spin
Overkill - Seaweed Struggle
Sudden Death - Sword Fish'ed
Cinekill - Goldfish
Vendetta - Life Absorption
Overkill - The Long Fall
Sudden Death -
Deadly X-Ray
Cinekill - Sunspots
Vendetta - The Shrinker
Overkill - Burnt at the Stake
Sudden Death - Lightning

Cinekill - Staff Overload
Vendetta - Laser Lance
Overkill - The Fan
Sudden Death - Slime Dump
Cinekill - Tiny
Trident's Sudden Death was very hard to properly capture. The fish just seem to appear in body in this gif. In the real game it's much slower, and more animated.
Midknight's Vendetta looks much better on an actual Sega CD unit. The character he absorbs flashes very rapidly, as if they are being zapped out of existance...but I couldn't catch that with the gif.
Notice that the owl also gets his ass fried during Xavier's Sudden Death...
The Fan Overkill was present in the original EC, but didn't have nearly as much fact, it barely had any.

Jetta Maxx


Ramses III

Raven Gindar
Vendetta - Psychic Crush
Overkill - Fed to the Lions
Sudden Death -
Send in the Clowns
Cinekill - The Spinner
Vendetta - Kiss of Death
Overkill - Hooked
Sudden Death -
Cinekill - Vine Snap
Vendetta - Scarab Chew
Overkill - Spirit Attack
Sudden Death -
Jackal Bite
Cinekill - Watered Down
Vendetta - Time Killer
Overkill - The Pot
Sudden Death -
Skull Flames
Cinekill - Snakey!
Jetta's Sudden Death, imo, is one of the best death scenes in videogame history.
That shark sprite is huge!
Those are some damn angry spirits in Ramses' Overkill.
I love how the bones shoot out of the eyes and nose of the cave...

Dawson McShane

Chin Wo

Thomas "Blast" Chavez

Vendetta - Shotgun Justice
Overkill - Hard Rockin'
Sudden Death -
Tree Spike
Cinekill - Hole in One
Vendetta - Needlework
Overkill - Dragon's Fury
Sudden Death -
Monkey Business
Vendetta - Mad Bomber
Overkill - Bombed
Sudden Death -
Death by M60
Vendetta - Postal
Overkill - The Big One
Sudden Death -
Monumental Death
Dawson's Sudden Death actually almost made me physically sick the first time I saw's by far the most graphically violent death I've *ever* seen in a videogame.
Chin's stage was originally Jetta's in the first EC game...they spruced it up quite a bit, like everything, for EC CD.
You'll notice that the odd glitch that Gens exhibited in Slash's Overkill makes an appearance here as well. Also, notice the odd graphic glitch Gens does on the chicken.
Though it's hard to tell via these gifs, when playing the game you'll notice that a certain past president, who enjoys jogging and McDonalds, makes an appearance in the Senator's stage.

Vendetta - Head Splitter
Though Thanatos looks and plays very similar to Xavier, his special moves really set him apart from being just another palette swap.
This work has been stolen to create this: "Hey man, check it out, I jacked all this guy's gifs, made them play too fast and added some shitty music behind it. I'm an internet star!!1!1!!!1!!!!