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Welcome to PSX Classics. Here I have a collection of quick reviews for various PSX games. Don't expect anything in-depth, these are just quick overviews of the games and how I feel they measure up. Here's a few things you should know before we start:

* All PSX games are reviewed via my model 2 Playstation.

* PSX games are played on my 27" Panasonic-Panablack TV via S-Video cable and full stereo connections. Sound is coming out of my two Bose, Model 21 Speakers and Kenwood subwoofer.

* An Emulator(Connectix Virtual Game Station) is used solely for the express purpose of getting screenshots. With that said, the pics are then resized, etc. This will often times mess with the quality of the shots. Also, VGS throws a filter over PSX graphics, much like the PS2's "PS1 mode". As this will make them look better than they normally would on a conventional setup, sharpening the pictures brings them back to a more realistic view of what they really look like.

* NO game is reviewed via emulation!

* I own all games that are reviewed.

* I score on a 100 point basis. 100 being perfect(or damn close to it), 0, of course, being the worst.

Let's roll...

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