'ello and welcome to Sound{e}scapes, my attempt at sharing some of the best pieces in videogame music that I've come across over the years.

A quick bit of history...

I had originally started recording video game music on an old stereo(that had a tape deck) years ago. Using various 60 to 120 minute cassettes, I would record music, label the tapes and listen to them on the road and whatnot. Years go by...and as tape quality is just horrid to begin with, and keeps getting worse with every play-through, I decided to redo my entire collection. Using a variety of methods, from emulation .wav dumps to ripping tracks directly from games with redbook audio, I have re-recorded my entire collection exactly as they originally were back on the cassettes. Not content with just keeping it all to myself, I thought I'd dedicate a section of the site to it, to share these wonderful pieces with our various WAG visitors.

All tracks are recorded at a tasty 192kbps which is, no doubt, overkill for a lot of them...but damn it sounds good. Originally, so many years ago, I had only recorded 7 tapes worth of stuff...but during my time re-recording the music I have managed to come up with and record even more tracks. Newer recordings start with Tape 8.
Tape 1, Tape 2, Tape 3, Tape 4, Tape 5, Tape 6, Tape 7, Tape 8, Tape 9, Tape 10, Tape 11, Tape 12, Tape 13
You'll notice that each section is divided into "tapes" rather than pages. This is to stay consistent with the recording's original format. Also, if you have any questions please read the FAQ for this section and then, by all means, email me.