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I own:
478 Genesis games
74 Sega CD games
23 32X games
34 Sega Maste
r System games
52 Game
Gear Games
80 Saturn Games
82 Dreamcast games

Welcome to my Old School Sega Section. Here I have a collection of quick reviews for various older games on Sega systems. Don't expect anything in-depth, these are just quick overviews of the games and how I feel they measure up. Here's a few things you should know before we start:

* All Genesis games are reviewed via my Genesis/Sega CD/32X combo(first models). Saturn games are reviewed on my modded(for imports) second edition Saturn. Dreamcast games are reviewed on my Sega Sports, black edition Dreamcast.

* Genesis games are played on my 27" Panasonic-Panablack TV via AV cable and full stereo connections. The same goes for the Saturn and Dreamcast, but they are hooked up via S-Video. Sound is coming out of my two Bose, Model 21 Speakers and Kenwood subwoofer.

* An emulator is used solely for the express purpose of getting screenshots for the Genesis, Sega CD and 32X game reviews. A video capture card is used to get screenshots for the Saturn and Dreamcast game reviews. With that said, the pics are then resized, etc. This will often times mess with the quality of the shots. Remember, emulation is exactly that; it's not in the res or way the developers initially intended you to enjoy the game. A TV set is what the games were built to display on, it's also the only way to get an accurate display of how they intended for the graphics to look.

* For the Generation 2 reviews that feature animated gifs, it's important to note that they do not accurately portray the game's animation, speed or framerate. They are just fun, extra things I like to add to give you a rough idea of how the game would look in motion on your TV.

* NO game is reviewed via emulation!

* I own all games that are reviewed, unless they are contributed reviews.

* The Game Genie plays a large part in some of these Genesis game reviews. I base the game's worth and rating with these codes being in use.

* I score on a 100 point basis. 100 being perfect(or damn close to it), 0, of course, being Batman Forever..er, I mean the worst.

* The opinions of JD, my cat, do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Whip Ass Gaming. He's an angry cat...

Let's roll...

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