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{PIE hired Don LeFontaine to be the narrator for the story and as the voice of King Ramses. You may know him from almost every damn movie preview you have ever heard.}

During the time of the pharaohs, the city of Karnak was a shining example of a civilization that all others nations could only hope to emulate. Today Karnak lives on, surrounded by the spirits of the past, however something has gone terribly wrong.
{The PC version of PowerSlave was slammed by every reviewer who played it. They said it was tired and had already been done countless times. Using a modified version of 3D Realms' BUILD engine, Lobotomy created the vast and beautiful world of Karnak and its surrounding areas, that, at times was more focused on exploration rather than straight out killing. Being so brain dead, playing countless hours of Doom, the PC reviewers couldn't grasp that, thus the slamming ensued...}

Unknown forces have seized the city and great turmoil is spreading into neighboring lands. World leaders from all parts of the globe have sent forces into Karnak Valley, but none have returned. The great power of this new empire is quickly crushing the best the human world has to offer.
{The three versions of PowerSlave are quite different. The PC has the largest levels, effects and enemies. The Saturn version has an amazing lightsourcing effect, larger levels than the PSX version and the first Death Tank game in it. The PSX version has slightly smaller levels, but is MUCH harder than both the PC and Saturn versions, plus can run at up to 60fps.}

The only known information about this crisis came from a Karnak villager, found wandering through the desert miles from his home, dazed, dehydrated and close to death. In his final moments among the living, the villager told horrifying stories of fierce alien creatures that invaded the city, devoured the women and children, and made slaves of the men. Many of the unfortunate victims were skinned alive or brutally dismembered. Others were subjected to unbearable tortures, injected with strange substances and then mummified while still alive. According to the villager, even the mummified body of the great King Ramses was unearthed and taken away.
{The Saturn version of PowerSlave contained the first "Death Tank" game. A lot like Scorched Earth, but in realtime, Death Tank was a 6 player(simultaneously) death fest. It's successor, Death Tank Zwei was included on the Duke Nukem 3D disc for Saturn. It added new weapons, modes and up to 7 players simultaneously. It is, by far, the BEST multiplayer game of all time.}

{It was this game that caught Sega of America's eye when they were searching for a developer to port Duke Nukem 3D and Quake onto the Saturn. Though, not their first choice, the gods a Lobotomy proved to SOA that their "Slave Driver" engine was superior to all others.}

You have been chosen from a group of the best operatives in the world to infiltrate Karnak and destroy the threatening forces, but as your helicopter nears the Karnak Valley, it is shot down. You barely escape with your life.
{You will notice that various other great adventurers were also sent in by the government. From left to right, they are: Rambo, some blonde, butch chick(sorry, have no clue on her), Indiana Jones, your character, Snake Eyes and Duke Nukem.}

With no possible contact to the outside world, you begin your adventure, ready to accomplish your mission...praying to return alive...
{Unbeknownst to most, but beknownst to us[sorry, a little Spaceballs humor there], the Team Dolls were the games' biggest secret. Put in at the last moment, they were the key to unlocking Death Tank. There are 23 Team Dolls hidden in both the Saturn and PSX versions of PowerSlave.}
Click here to download the intro audio from the PC version of the game. This intro is actually different from the Saturn and Playstation versions(which is what the above text was taken from).

Up to 4 players on a network, largest levels of the three versions, more effects(like turning into a mummy), and overall, a very different game from the Saturn/PSX versions.
Framerate that can climb up to a silky smooth 60fps at times, smaller levels than the Saturn version, some entirely new maps, different team doll locations, much harder than PC or Saturn versions. To view the GameFan review, click here.
Amazing lightsourcing technique, constant 30 fps framerate, larger levels than PSX version, team doll hunts, Death Tank, the easiest of the three versions. To see the GameFan Preview for Saturn PowerSlave, click here for page one or here for page two.
PowerSlave Ads:
To see the only two published ads for PowerSlave, click here for the full ad, and here for the teaser. Here's a promotional poster for the game: Side A and Side B.
Have not seen, nor played this version on either system. Have heard it's the exact same thing, except for the name.
Exactly like the American Saturn version, but with Japanese voice and text.

Having problems making it through Karnak? Can't find those goddamn Team Dolls?
Maybe the spiders or skeletons can help...

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