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Welcome to Whip Ass MAMEing, where we'll explore the weird world of arcade gaming: Over 7,000 games to sift through...some great, some terrible and some are just plain fucking odd. That's the pure joy of MAME though, every time you click on something you've never heard of there's a whole new gaming experience to be had. So many hidden gems, so many laughable attempts...they are all here, and free, for us to love and hate. This section of the site contains a collection of quick reviews for these various arcade games. Don't expect anything in-depth, these are just quick overviews of the games and how I feel they measure up. Here's a few things you should know before we start:

* Unlike the other sections on the site, here *every* game is reviewed via emulation. The version of MAME Plus, as well as the rom set used will be available in the game's review.

* MAME games are played from my Dell Inspiron 6000 on my 27" Panasonic-Panablack TV via S-Video cable and full stereo connections. Sound is coming out of my two Bose, Model 21 Speakers.

* Screenshots are displayed in their original resolution. This may sometimes conflict with the aspect ratio or the way you remembered a game looking in the arcade.

* I wish I owned all games that are reviewed...

* Only games that I've reviewed will show up on the review index, more will be added as I get to them.

* I score on a 100 point basis. 100 being perfect(or damn close to it), 0, of course, being the worst.

Let's roll...

TigerDave's MAME Aspect Ratio List
A huge list of MAME titles, and their exact aspect ratios!

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