Whip Ass Gaming Credits
This is just a real quick section that pays homage to, and shows ya'll the things I've used and continue to use to build Whip Ass Gaming.

Website Construction/Design/Hosting

Macromedia DreamWeaver
Started off using DW Studio 4, then later moved up to DW MX. The entire site has been built using both across Mac and PC. Nowadays I'm only using MX(don't much care for the later revisions). Two extensions of note that I use are Kaosweaver's Advanced Random Images, for the front page's random picture display and the artist's banners in the House of Renders, and Kaosmos's Favorites Icon for the various favicons the site is full of.

The new home of WAG. Once I managed to fill up both of my EV1 account user spaces(600 megs) I figured it's time to find a page hosting service. Ran into the good folks at Netfirms, transferred the site over and all was good! Of all the hosts I've had for WAG over the years, these guys have been the best(by far).

The Counter.com
An awesome, full featured counter. Not only helps me to see how many people are visiting WAG, but where they are coming from, what search terms they are using to find it, etc. To find out more about The Counter, check out the WAG Linkers section.

A Better File Rename/A Better Finder Rename
An incredible, time-saving tool. This will allow you to rename multiple files in mere seconds. I cannot tell you how much time I've saved since I got this...mostly used in preparing pieces for the House of Renders.

Graphics/Image Creation and Editing

Adobe Photoshop
Virtually every header, button and picture has been run through PS(6) at some point and time. Using a variety of plugins like Eye Candy, Kai's Power Tools, Nik Color Efex, etc. I've come up with various effects that are used in pretty much all of the section headers and such.

Gamani Gif Movie Gear
An amazingly cool app for making animated gifs. Every animated gif on this site has been made using this wonderful, wonderful tool.

Hip, little app for taking screenshots on the PC and Mac. Offers a few different options for getting shots and is super easy, and quick, to use. For games, apps and other things that don't allow for screenshots, I break out Captura.

Video Recording/Editing

An excellent, excellent all-purpose piece of video editing software. Allows me to do a whole host of things, but most importantly, put that little "WAG" watermark on my videos. If you're editing on a PC, you *need* to check this out! Did I mention it's *free*?

Dr. Divx
A great, and incredibly easy way to convert video over to the Divx format. I bought this so I could seriously lower the the sizes of the videos I wanted to start putting out.

ATI All-In-Wonder
A great all-in-one video card and video capture piece of hardware. A lot of the video on the site was acquired via an All-In-Wonder card.

Pinnacle Studio
A "Limited Edition" of this software came free with my old All in Wonder Radeon card(I later picked up the full version, dirt cheap), and just happens to be a really solid video editing app! Apparently a division of AVID, this software makes it remarkable easy for even idiots like myself to pull off some halfway decently edited pieces of video. A lot of the videos on the site have been run through this app.

Super ©
An amazing, and free, app that will convert virtually *any* video format to any other video format. Absolutely amazing. Comes in real handy when converting videos from the Saturn and PSX.

Rad Video Tools featuring Bink and Smacker
Another solid, and free, app that converts video formats to other video formats. It's also great for extracting audio out of video files, which I can then normalize using WaveGain.

A wildly fun application that can be used to record video inside any given game(or application) that utilizes OpenGL or DirectX. This wonderful piece of software has opened up all sorts of doors for video usage on the site. I love it.

Audio Recording/Editing

Used for the various sample MP3's I've got on the site. I love the fact that you can add artwork to the pieces!

Audio Overload
Very cool app that will play virtually every videogame music format, and also allows for an export to Wav format. I use this to extract certain music pieces that I'll use on the site.

Sound Recorder
Yes, the tiny application that has been packaged with Windows for as long as I can remember. I use it for a variety of quick editing sessions that aren't too involved.

WAV Joiner
A wonderful application that allows you to join multiple WAV files. You can add silence between then, change their order, etc. It's very useful for my work in the Sound{e}scapes section, and MUCH faster than using Sound Recorder.

An excellent app that supports all kinds of formats. When extracting sound from some various game proves to be especially trying, I break out Foobar!

A small miracle in and of itself. This amazing application, very easily, lets you normalize your MP3 collection to whatever decibel rating you desire. It's great for the Sound{e}Scapes section as the variety of methods I use to get the music from often times leave them with very differing volume levels.

Much like MP3Gain, this allows you to normalize files in WAV format to whatever decibel rating you desire. I use it to normalize audio on the site's videos, before running them through Dr Divx.

The GUI for M1, an app that allows you to listen to music inside of rom files for various systems. You can even dump the music to .wav files, which is what I use it for.

File Compression

A great compression and expansion utility. Opens virtually everything, and compresses in a variety of formats. I use this to stuff the various Mac-based files I have on the site.

Another great compression tool, even better than Stuffit in a lot aspects! Opens pretty much anything, except .sit(Stuffit files), and has an amazing compression rate. I use it to compress a lot of the larger files on the site.


A vast variety of emulators are used for getting screenshots, ripping sprites and recording video via Fraps. If you can think of it, chances are I've used it at some point and time, no matter the gaming format!

I'd also like to give special thanks to Mark W. Phillips for the initial redesign of the site that was done some years ago. Without his help, WAG would not be what it is today.