Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Software Creations
Size: 8 megs
No. of players: 2(simultaneously)
Official Ad: Yes

Oh, what potential this game just take the Maximum Carnage engine, add support for two players, a crap load of new stages and bad would have been so nice. Well, we get the option for two players folks, that's about it. Based on the storyline from the comics, you fight your way through the stages to destroy each of the spawn born of Eddie Brock's symbiote.

What's it all about?
It's pretty much a beat'em up, just with Marvel characters. Like Maximum Carnage, you can play as either SpiderMan or Venom(or both, with a buddy) as you pound hordes of punks, or even supervillians. You can punch, grab, pick up, even shoot webbing and swing to make short work of most enemies. If that wasn't enough, upon picking up their icons, you can actually call out other super heroes from the series who will show up, unleash some screen-clearing attack then take off again...

Graphics - Great! Though some animations have been lost since Maximum Carnage, the new, revised art style used on Venom, Spidey, the enemies and the levels look great.
Sound - Mediocre at best. The music is just sort of there...and crappy at that; the sound effects are pretty much the same way. A very "blah" feeling to it all...
Control - Fluid. Venom and Spiderman both control wonderfully, and can get around the screen quickly and easily.
AI - Cheap. Enemies constantly gang up on you and the bosses are frustrating as all hell with their cheap-ass tactics and high energy bars.
Replay value - Low, almost none. Once you play through this one, you will almost *never* want to come back to it. It's just so amazingly boring after about the second level.
Tips for better gaming experiences:
...turn it off. Or, if you insist on playing through it, you WILL need the infinite lives code...

Game Genie:
Infinite lives: ABET-EAD2 

My rating: 52(out of 100) - Nice graphics, good control, improved engine...but fuck me, is it boring! You seem to fight the same three or four enemies on levels that never want to end. Give me Maximum Carnage over this any day.
EGM gave it: 5.5, 3, 5, 5.5(out of 10)
Game Informer gave it: 7(out of 10)

Cat's review:
OMG, being a cat I have a hard enough time staying awake for more than 3 hours a day...but this game just puts my frisky ass down...and out for a looooooong while.

Hmmmm, reminds you of level one on Maximum Carnage doesn't it?
Get used to these guys, and the robots...they are THE ONLY damn enemies in the game.
Alright, we're in the forest, the game's suddenly great now! Yawn...
The above is where I was going to show the shot of when Ghost Rider comes out to help...but it's so disgraceful...I just couldn't do it...
Why bother?:
Other Marvel characters make their appearance throughout SA, like they did in MC, but they are so sub-par shitty it will leave you in tears...