Publisher: LJN(now Acclaim)
Developer: Software Creations
Size: 16 megs
No. of players: 1
Official Ad: Yes

A great conversion of the 12 part comic series, with all the action to go along with it. You get to play your choice of SpiderMan or Venom as you make your way through NYC tracking down and trying to stop Carnage and his squad of super-villians Along the way you'll find icons that will allow you to call upon other super-heroes to assist you in your battle. A rockin' beat'em up!

What's it all about?
It's pretty much a beat'em up, just with Marvel characters. You can play as either SpiderMan or Venom as you pound hordes of punks, or even supervillians. You can punch, grab, pick up, even shoot webbing and swing to make short work of most enemies. If that wasn't enough, upon picking up their icons, you can actually call out other super heroes from the series who will show up, unleash some screen-clearing attack then take off again...

Graphics - Fucking nice. All of the characters are large, with lots of detail and animation. The backgrounds look equally nice, and a lot like the art styles used in the comics.
Sound - The sound effects are loud and clear, and though nowhere near the amazing SNES version's soundtrack, the music in this version is still pretty rockin'.
Control - Spider-smooth! Both Spidey and Venom can get around easily with the fluid control. Knocking around enemies, throwing them, swinging, etc. are all done immediately and you are given great control over the actions.
AI - Rough. The regular enemies are just bastards, ganging up on you whenever they can...and the bosses, are just impossibly hard at times.
Replay value - Moderate. The first half of the game is pretty good, but after that it gets kind of stale, and entirely too hard. After going through it all once, you may find that you only break this one out every few months.
Tips for better gaming experiences:
On those stages that you fight two(or more) bosses at the same time. If you can catch them with the "Double Smash" without hitting either one first, you will receive an extra life. Also, the game gets to be unbearably hard towards the end, if you want to see the ending, I *highly* recommend the unlimited lives code with the GG. Even after you beat haven't seen the last of him...just remember that before you hit the power button after thinking you've won...

Game Genie:
Infinite lives: ADNB-4AD8

Genie-man, Genie-man, does whatever a genie can!

My rating: 85(out of 100) - A solid fighter with some great animation and gameplay. It looses point due to an obvious 2 player option being left out, and for its incredible difficulty towards the end.
GamePro gave it: 4.0(graphics), 3.0(sound), 4.0(control), 3.5(funfactor) (out of 5)
Game Informer gave it: 7.5(out of 10)

JD: Maximum Kitty...
Cat's bit:
A poor man's Streets of Rage...mildly interesting for about a level or two...that's about it.

Actual art from the series is presented in the game's story boards.
Venom: Stomping ass!
Seeing red:
There are two versions of the MC cartridge out there: A regular black cart and a special edition red one.