Whip Ass Gaming General FAQ:

Q: "BelPowerslave"?
A: A combination of my last name, Belmont, and paying homage to the greatest game of all time: PowerSlave. A long while back I was fortunate enough to come into contact with the gods at Lobotomy who offered to fly me up to Seattle to come and preview/test Saturn Duke Nukem 3D and Quake. Great guys, I miss them a lot!

Q: How long have you been working on this site!?
A: Quite a while...it was started, very badly, back in April of 2002. After the initial, horrid design and concept, it was almost completely redone to the design you now see. Content has been added whenever I can come up with it, and I've, somehow, managed to come up with quite a bit(how, I don't know).

Q: The picture on the front page seems to change every time I visit, is that right?
A: Yeah, it's something I've been wanting to do for quite a while...finally found a Dreamweaver extension that makes it really easy. I'll be adding more and more pics to it over time, to keep things fresh. If you'd like to run through them without hitting the front page, click here.

Q: Why all the ads? If you're paying for your site, why do they make you advertise?
A: They don't, I do this for free. All of the ads on the site are done by me, without being forced into or cutting a deal with ANY of the places advertised. They are all sites I feel that are truly exceptional in entertainment, shopping value, etc.

Q: I am looking for info on "XX" section of the site, but I don't see it in this FAQ, what's up!?
A: Each section has its own FAQ, located at the same point(under the navigation buttons) where you found this one, on their respective pages.

Q: What are these neat little icons next to the URL address and in the tabs on Firefox?
A: Favicons! A nice little effect that is now easily viewable due to the various browsers now incorporating support for the file extension. Be sure to check out the use of Favicons in "A Day in the Life...". For those who can't see them, you're not missing a lot, but they are kind of cool. Here's the deal: Firefox can see them, no matter what system you are on. IE can SOMETIMES see them, but the way IE handles them, they may show just once and never again, or they may show every other time, etc. It's fucked up(check Google for more on that situation if interested). IE on Mac OS 9 and X cannot see them(unfortunately), though Firefox and Safari can.
Quick example: On the main page, you would see: next to the URL bar and in the tabs in Firefox. In IE and, were you to bookmark the page, it *might* show up in the bookmarks section next to "Whip Ass Gaming". I have a different Favicon for almost every page...what can I say, it's a gimmick I can finally get into...

Q: The pics, when I move the mouse over them and click, nothing happens. With the cursor turning into the hand it's like something is supposed to happen. Are the links broke?
A: This will happen if you are using your browser's Pop Up Blocker, at times. Simply allow this site to be one of the exceptions that is allowed to present Pop Ups and the problem is solved. There are no pop-ups on my site, at all, so you'll be safe, I promise.

Q: The language used on this site is horrible, I am truly offended! I will tell every parent I know NOT to let their children visit!
A: Please do. This site was not written, nor intended for children. There is nothing on this site that children would be interested in anyway, so if you would provide a little bit more protective parenting rather than blaming me and the rest of the net we wouldn't have this problem would we?

Q: The site's too slow on my modem.
A: First off, EVERYTHING is too slow on a modem. Next, I know, and I apologize. Even though I started this site on a 56k modem, I always build with broadband in mind. 56k is a fucking joke, I cannot believe it is the standard nowadays.

Q: Do you have a guestbook, I would really like to post my comments.
A: I don't, and I don't think I'll ever get around to doing one. If you like though, please send me an email using one of the links on every page, or right here. I post almost any comments I get: good, bad or just really odd.

Q: Some parts of the site are screwed up when I look at them in IE, but look fine in Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape/etc. What's up with that?
A: As much as I know I need to, and should...I rarely ever look at the site, or test it in Internet Explorer. For the most part, if it looks good in Firefox, I know it'll look good in IE, Safari, etc. and that's good enough for me. If you happen to find anything that looks particularly bad in IE though, please email me and I'll fix it immediately.

Q: What are the "//" things I see sometimes in your update messages? Why do you have them, shouldn't you just put the entire day's updates all together? I don't get it.
A: Usually when I update the page, I do the work, upload it then update the front page to reflect that. On days off I usually do quite a bit with the site, and not all together. I use the "//" to show that time had passed between the first update until the new one. Say I were to update the Old School Sega Section in the morning and then go back later that day and put up some renders on the House of Renders. I would post the first update on the front page, then the next update later on; it would look something like this: Updated OSSS//Updated HoR with some new pics.

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