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Publisher: Flying Edge(The SNES version was published by LJN, so I should’ve known what I was getting into)
Developer: Sculptured Software(Thank God they improved)
Size: 16 megs
No. of players: 2(simultaneously)
Got it for: $4.99, cartridge only. Ten dollars too much for this one.

Ah, Super WrestleMania, a game I've always wanted to play but never got the chance to. I didn't realize how lucky I was..

What's it all about?
Take “control” of one of eight WWF superstars from the golden age and wrestle you way to the top to become the WWF champion. Sounds like a fun time, huh?

Graphics - The graphics suck. The game came out in '92 and Mario would've laughed if he saw this game. The sprites sort of look like their real life counterparts, but damn are they bland with their four frames of animation.
Sound - I could've made better sounds using bodily functions than this "game" did. There are three sound effects in this game: The mat thud, the grunt of your opponent and the bell. The music is just painful to hear, HBK would be pissed if he heard his theme song in this cart.
Control - What fucking controls? It was like the buttons on my gamepad were more of a fucking suggestion instead of a command. Grappling uses the worst invention in mankind's gaming history: Brainless button-mashing. Tagging your partner worked once out of the twenty-five times I tried it.
AI - What can I say, I got smacked around by some random fuck called Papa Shango and owned by Ted DiBiase. The AI in this game makes Ninja Gaiden seem fair! It overrides your attempt at an effective offense if you play on a level over easy or past the first two guys in WWF Championship mode.
Replay value - I played it once for five minutes, hated it and turned it off. Then I played Mortal Kombat and came back to this afterwards. I tried WWF Championship mode and was bitch-slapped repeatedly, which resulted in me turning the game off again, taking it out of my Genesis and then giving it Sweet Chin Music(a super kick in the face). That was the total PLAY value.
Tips for better gaming experiences:
Just like in Grindhouse: Don’t.

My rating: 5(out of 100) - I'm taking this damn thing back tomorrow after school. I would rather go play Batman Forever again, and as a matter of fact that's exactly what I'm trading this piece of crap in for.

Ministlkr’s review:
I just watched him play, but from what I saw it was total ASS!

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Blue was the only color that wasn't broke on the Genesis development kit they had.

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