Publisher: Data East
Developer: Data East
Size: 8 Megs
No. of players: 2(simultaneously)

Another quality title from Data East! This game is fucked up in about every aspect of play, from ripping traffic light poles out of the ground to powering up with PowerCola! You play one of the Two Crude Dudes who have been hired by the President of the United States to take out the terrorist threat of the old world. The game takes place in a variety of levels in a post apocalypse world...

What's it all about?
Based on the arcade game, it's a slower-paced action title. Using one, or both(with a buddy), of the Crude Dudes you make you way around the level punching and kicking the various enemies dumb enough to come within range. Past your fists, the Dudes also rely heavily on their ability to pick up items in the levels, and pitch them at enemies. Street signs, poles, cars, even enemies can be picked up and thrown into the oncoming hordes.

Graphics - Excellent, excellent, excellent! More of that Date East-style art that I’ve come to love over the years. Some levels have special effects like snow and multi parallax backgrounds that add to the mood of a post apocalyptic world.
Sound - More Data East-style music(the good stuff) and decent sound effects.
Control - Pretty good, it’s only hindered by how damn slow your character is. Though, as slow as he may be, you can still do the necessary things to whip ass without a problem.
AI - The cheap hits are there, and the some of the bosses are unbelievably hard.
Replay value - Great, you can play and play and play! There are loads of safe spots to find as well as different techniques to use. Two player games are a blast, nothing like throwing your buddy into hordes of mutants.
Tips for better gaming experiences:
Throwing something or someone is the most powerful attack you have in the game. Throw as much as you can, whenever you can(just like these supposed Street Fighter "champions" do)...bosses will go down so much quicker.

Game Genie: 
The dudes a little too crude? The enemies kind of rude? Got you in a bad mood? Wish the women were nude? Genie's your dude!

My rating: 80(out of 100) - A quirky, old school arcade title with lots of action and stuff to throw!
EGM gave it: 6, 8, 6, 7(out of 10)
GamePro gave it: 5.0(graphics), 5.0(sound), 5.0(gameplay), 4.0(funfactor) 5.0(challenge) (out of 5)
Sega Visions gave it: 79(graphics), 74(sound & music), 80(play controls & gameplay), 71(depth & challenge), 81(overall fun)(out of 100)

JD's blabber:
It’s kinda cheesy. The cheap hits will annoy you and the endless hordes of enemies get old real quick. I didn’t care for it.....meow.
It's the flamboyantly gay cartoon effects, without the flamboyantly gay characters...well, ok, not all of them...   
As refreshing as crack, and half the price!
Car-smashing fun!
Interesting Tidbits:
These bastards dance a bit of a jig when they beat a level! It's quite amusing...