Publisher: (would have been)JVC
Developer: Cryo(I am guessing)
Size: 5.4 megs
Memory Usage: None
No. of players: 1
Got it for: Free. It's a beta...

Based, loosely off the movie and comics, from the previews I've seen, you were to go into various time periods and stop these new "time crimes".

What's it all about?
As the beta consists of one pretty much just float around with a jetpack, trying to avoid the floating mines and take out the lone enemy who shows up(I call him Senor Penis-head)...

Graphics - The characters themselves don't look too bad at all, they are completely digitized...but as there's just so much you can do with the jetpack, you don't really get to see a whole lot of other animations. The background is pretty generic, with a flat-ass piece of wallpaper in the back, then minimal movement(and detail) for the oil refinery(I'm guessing that's what it is).

Sound - There's the gun shot noise, the explosion of the mines, a few grunts...and that's about it. There's *one* music track...and it's pretty standard generic rock fare...but it's not particularly bad. Hell, you're listening to it right now...
Control - Floaty as fuck. It's kind of to be expected as you are riding a jetpack...but man, it's tough shit!
AI - Senor Penis-head shows up...he shoots at you, you shoot back, he runs off...that's it.
Replay value - You'll never want to play it again...I'd go so far to even say that you'll want those five minutes of your life back.
Tips for better gaming experiences:
The only tips I can give you are:
* Don't waste shots on the fucking mines
* Don't bother collecting the items(they don't do anything)
* When Senor Penis-head comes around, the best way to take him is to get as close as possible(he can't hurt you just by touching him, thank God) then shoot and as he moves up or down, follow him until you push him off the screen. It takes a *lot* of shots to kill him. Once he's dead, the demo immediately shoots you back to the start screen...

My rating: As it's a beta, I can't bring myself to give it an actual it's just *one* level of the game. As it stands...the game may have been alright, it's hard to tell based off of seeing this...

Kitty Cop's Report:
Damn, you can see why they cancelled SUCKS! Reow!
SNES-ing it?:
Though this is just a guess: I am assuming that this was going to be a port of the SNES version of the game...but I don't remember this level in that. Then again, the game was so bad, I may have just blocked it out...