Publisher: Taito
Developer: Taito
Size: 4 megs
No. of players: 1
Official Ad: Yes
Got it for: Free, cart only(part of GameStop's "Buy 2 get 1 Free" deal)

Playing either operative, Thunder or Fox, you get dumped behind enemy lines to take care of business. Now, as badass as this sounds, I need to mention that the Metal Gear Drop Squad is responsible for your transport, thus you will be equipped with JUST a knife. Gotta love those folks, right?

What's it all about?
It's a hardcore, sidescrolling action game. Based off the arcade game of the same title, you run around levels stabbing and kicking the asshole enemies who get in your way. Along the way you will find machine guns, flamethrowers, grenades and (of course)bazookas to help you out. This game is a slick combination of elements from Rush'n'Attack and Shinobi(along with few bits of Revenge thrown in), making it a sidescrolling action piece you NEED to own.

Graphics - Very nice! All levels have multiple parallax scrolling, your characters are large and detailed, as are the enemies. Bosses look to have a lot of work put into them, and you'll appreciate it.
Sound - Great, beefy soundtrack with decent sound effects to accompany it.
Control - Excellent. With all of the special moves the characters have, they already whip serious ass and with the control flowing so smoothly, you're unstoppable.
AI - Other than the cheap ass bosses, everything is pretty fair.
Replay value - High. It's an arcade-like action game, gameplay is quick and exciting, begging you for more.
Tips for better gaming experiences:
About the only thing I would suggest is reading the manual, as there are a few moves that make the game a lot easier, but you have to know how to do them. Every special move you perform not only causes damage to the enemy, but makes you invincible while doing them. The jump kick, flip kick and air roll should be used ANYTIME you need to get out of a tight situation.

Though not really needed, if you wanted you could use the Infinite Time code if you are needing a bit more time to deal with those bosses.

Game Genie:
Infinite Time: AJTA-AA6A

My rating: 80(out of 100) - True old school, in every sense of the word. A solid side scrolling action game that can be played over and over. The only downsides to it all are how short it is and how many things got cut from the conversion...

Cat's quip:
Old school is right...REAL old school, as in little gameplay and repetitive action. I'll pass, thanks anyway. Meow.
There's our hero, Thunder, with his knife! Yes, watch out motherfuckers, he's coming for you!
The bosses are generally over the top, like the chopper.
Looks like the same guys who fly the plane in Revenge of Shinobi are at it again, playfully forgetting to close those darn doors so people/ninjas go flying out.
The sub/carrier level has some nice use of parallax.
Man does that suck:
Though the title names both of the characters, and you can choose which you want to use, there is no 2 player option.