Publisher: LucasArts
Developer: LucasArts
Size: 1 GD-Rom
VMU: 16 blocks
No. of players: 2(simultaneously)
Got it for: $14.99, used.

Following the movie, loosely, you make your way through various locations destroying anything you come across. New stuff, you'll notice, comes in the form of places that you got to see(briefly) in the movie, and places that you didn't see at all. You can now run through the forests and swamps of Naboo, fight through Theed, jump the rooftops of Coruscant and even cruise around in the devastating AAT vehicle or the ultra-quick STAP hovering platform.

What's it all about?
It's a beat'em up, in 3D...with lightsabers. Using one of the various characters, you slash your way through levels earning experience points and items along the way. Exp. points can be used, at the end of the level, to acquire new combos, a larger health and/or "force" meter, new force abilities and other character-raising attributes. Attacking is done with either one, or a combination of the three attacking types: Vertical slash, Horizontal slash and Heavy attack. Using a sort of "dial-a-combo" method that will be familiar to MK and Tekken players, you can perform a multitude of ass-ripping attacks on whatever poor enemy is in your path. Lastly, each character also has "force" abilities that allow them to perform over-the-top special attacks that decimate opponent's life bars.

Graphics - Rockin'! The textures are so very sharp, and have a really solid amount of detail and color in them. From the cold steel and reflective floors of the Trade Federation Battleship to the lush greenery of the Naboo swamps and forests, the graphics are definitely something to see. The Jedi's also have a good amount of detail, as do the enemies, but the motion capture(if there was any) leaves just a bit to be desired as some of their movements seem kinda stiff...
Sound - Excellent! You get all the original music from the movie and, also, some new stuff. The always-inspiring "Duel of the Fates" plays at just the right times...its so very great. Sound effects are ripped straight from the LucasArts library and sound exactly like they did in the movie. The voice acting, sadly, is the weak link in the sound dept...but as they don't talk a whole lot throughout the game, it's bearable.
Control - Getting around the screen and pulling off the combos is a snap, you even get your choice of using the analog *or* the digital stick to do so with. About the only problem with the entire control scheme is the jumping. It's not that the jumps are particularly hard to make so much as your character doesn't really have the most apparent shadow. This makes figuring out exactly where you'll land very difficult at times.
AI - As most of your enemies are the's...well, pretty robotic. I mean, they see you...they shoot, or rush over to hit you, that's about it. Things, unfortunately, can get pretty cheap in the way of various enemies shooting you in mid jump, juggling you or just plain knocking you off into a pit...and don't even get me started on the ever-frustrating Darth Maul battles. The thing that saves the game is the fact that your character can, indeed, block. Most things, barring the jumps and juggles, can be blocked, then countered.
Replay value - Extremely high. Not only are there ten selectable characters for the "story" section of the game, but each have their own unique set of combos and "force" moves you earn throughout the game. Also, adding a buddy in for two player co-op play just rocks, and makes the game so much more fun(especially when whipping Darth Maul's ass to a bloody pulp). On top of that there are ten *extremely* long levels, three secret levels, a hidden "survival" mode, a "Vs" mode(with *22* playable characters) and even a training section.
Tips for better gaming experiences:
For the most part, the game is just straight forward: You move ahead, you destroy enemies, you move ahead again. The finer points of the game, as well as finding secrets, however, can be a bit tougher. For stuff of that nature, I recommend you try out one of the various FAQs for the game over at GameFAQ's. I found Dave Maul's Secrets FAQ to be especially helpful...

My rating: 90(out of 100) - A rock-solid beat'em up with that Jedi flare we've all come to love. Excellent graphics, smooth control and all of the signature Star Wars music and sound effects you could hope's all here. The sometimes-annoying AI gets in the way of the fun every now and then, but its definitely nothing that'll keep you away from this excellent game for very long...
Next Generation gave it: 3 stars(out of 5)

Star Kitty's Thoughts:
It wasn't exactly the Streets of Rage-meets-Star Wars I was hoping for, but it's not bad at all. The jumps really sucked ass though...

He's a lazy cat, roger-roger.
As there are no working Dreamcast emulators to get custom screenshots from, I have borrowed pics from the Official Jedi Power Battles website.

Plo and Mace about to rip some ass up...
Adi taking out some droids on Naboo.
Outrunning the STAPs outside the Theed palace.
Riding the air vents on Coruscant with Obi-Wan.
Jedi typists?:
Exclusive to the DC version, there are all sorts of weird "hacks" you can perform on the game using your DC keyboard. Be sure to check out Dave Maul's Secrets FAQ over at GameFAQ's for more info on that...