Publisher: Sega
Developer: Blue Sky
Size: 24 megs
No. of players: 1
Got it for: $8(no shit), cart only. Bought it in a package off ebay that came with two 32X units and nine 32X games for $50. Sold the second 32X unit and a few of the games for $25 to a buddy. This evened out the cost of all remaining items putting WoF at $8!

Sega's third SpiderMan game, this time they have handed it off to the amazing team over at Blue Sky Software. Hydra has somehow managed to create a huge web of lasers that covers all of New York City, destroying buildings that are in its way and trapping all citizens inside. DareDevil has been captured on top of all of that! Oh no, what the fuck is a spider to do!?

What's it all about?
It's a lot like the first two Sega-made SpiderMan games in that you run around punching out enemies, swinging through levels and crawling around walls. There is more emphasis on the hand to hand combat than in the previous games, and to adequately handle it Spidey can now execute combos of attacks on the enemies. Mostly you try to run, swing, fight and crawl your way through the levels to take on a boss, then move on to the next stage; pretty standard stuff. Along the way you will find DareDevil, and upon saving him you will receive little "DD" icons that you can use to call his sorry ass out to decimate whatever poor enemy may be on the screen at the time. Think of it like Ninja Magic, just much crappier looking...

Graphics - Whip ass! Mostly everything in the game has been rendered, from the backgrounds to all the characters...and it looks nice, damn nice. The animation on the characters, especially Spidey is amazingly fluid and the backgrounds come to life with the added color palette and on-screen count the 32X can deliver.
Sound - Weird. The's hard to's not really bad, it's just super-over synthesized. The sound effects, though, are pretty good. The web has that "thwimp" sorta sound and the punch/kick sound effects are about what you'd expect.
Control - Smooth, almost to the point of being too loose, but not quite. Spidey moves quick, and responds immediately to any command. Now, due to that speed, things can get out of hand really quick when your swinging around or trying not to run off a roof or something. For the most part, the game's level design is really forgiving and as long as you shoot a web and swing while in doubt, you'll almost always latch onto something.
AI - It's a cross between the normal, in-level enemies who stop at nothing to pound your ass to the dumb-as-brick bosses who can barely get a hit off most times. Quick tip: Every boss in the game can be beaten easily, and without you taking a single hit, simply by jumping on the nearest wall and crowning them on the head repeatedly. This works very nicely for the extremely tough last boss...
Replay value - Well, as it's relatively short but really fun I would say it's pretty high. There's always some new place to try to swing/crawl over to and check out, and on top of that, the graphics are just so nice you'll almost want to play just to gaze at them.
Tips for better gaming experiences:
Right after turning the system on, while SpiderMan is standing on the Sega logo, input the following code on controller one: Up, Right, Left, A, Z, Y. Now start a game as you normally would. During the actual game press the X button to bring up a nice debugging screen that has ALL of the levels listed in it. Use this to skip a level, if you'd like, or better yet, skip right to the last level when you run out of continues because you can't escape the fucking ship before it blows up. Also, during gameplay, press Z to refill not only your life, but those "wonderful" Daredevil assists. Not that it makes any difference, but you can also hit Y to bring up you coordinates(yay).

My rating: 87(out of 100) - Solid side scrolling action with excellent graphics and a lot to explore. This is the Spiderman you remember from the original Genesis version, but supercharged by the 32X. Loses points due to how quickly it's over and the extremely poor AI.

JD: Doesn't like spiders...
Cat's review:
The same game we've been playing since the Genesis version....oh, now with rendered characters! Yawn...time for a kitty nap...hopefully when I wake up, this game won't be here.
The levels get progressively more impressive the further into the game you make it.
You can, and will want to, swing straight through the Bridge level.
The ship you board is initially in the air, then gradually makes its way into the ocean. As it has a large amount of glass windows, you get to watch it all go by gorgeously. In the sea you will find a lot of assorted fish swimming by.
Here comes the "wonderful" DareDevil assist. He basically swings out, throws his bouncy stick all over the screen, prays it hits someone then continues to swing on out.
How much!? :
This motherfucker, complete with box and manual is worth anywhere from $90 to $150 on ebay! Is it *that* good? No. Is it that rare? Yes. Though I would never recommend to anyone to pick this up at such an inflated price, if you can find it for $40 and under, I'd say it would be a good purchase.