Contributed review by Drkstlkr7

Publisher: SNK
Developer: Takara
Size: 8 megs
No. of players: 2 (simultaneously)
Got it for: $2.99, cart only

Hollywood is full of giant monster legends such as Godzilla and King Kong, but there are also a band of rejected monsters like “the walking penis-looking monster complete with balls for its heads” or “the world's largest vagina with teeth and a scorpion tale monster”. This is their story…<insert Law and Order "dun dun" sound here>

What's it all about?
It’s about a company wanting to make a fighting game that featured monsters. Unfortunately, their monster concept artist was a high school intern named Stan who got high on a frequent basis. Choose a monster and rip all of the other monster's assholes wide-open, including your own...twice. That’s right, not only do you have to beat yourself in a mirror match but also another clone of yourself as a boss fight(apparently the boss on the arcade version was too big). There are two modes of gameplay available: One uses items like healing or level-ups, which is useful since your opponent will start out stronger in this mode as if it’s trying to emulate the arcade experience, the other mode uses no items and acts as a standard fighting game.

Graphics - The game is colorful, with decent special attacks and other stationary objects. There isn’t much game-wrecking slowdown, but the monsters only seem to have two frames of animation for everything they do. Super Geon’s win celebration is funny to look at because of it though.
Sound - You get about two types of monster screaming, three “explosion” sounds and except for a couple of the tracks, some of the least memorable game music ever. What there is of the sound effects, however, is not bad.
Control - It responds well enough except for the grapples; they don’t make any sense. If you mash the buttons, something good might happen, but I was fucked just about any time I was suckered into one. It makes you want to go play Streets of Rage 2 or Fire Pro Wrestling so that you can cleanse yourself from having to deal such a shitty grappling system. Stick to striking and special moves.
AI - Damn you, SNK! The AI can be very vicious in this game. I was able to beat the game on the easy setting, but no such luck on a harder difficulty.
Replay value - Moderate. This is a fun game don’t get me wrong, but the grappling system alone is like a repellant. Other than that, it’s pretty fun for a quick monster beatdown.
Tips for better gaming experiences:
I would play on itemless mode, I don’t like the idea of being weaker than your opponent in a fighting game. Also, Super Geon is the best monster to start with, his tail attack is good for creating distance between you and a grapple-happy opponent.

My rating: 78(out of 100) - It’s a fun game with silly monster design and B-movie flavor. Weak music, bad animation and a terrible(and frequently abused by the A.I.) grapple system are what hold this game back. I would recommend it to fighting game enthusiast and those who like SNK games from the early nineties.

Ministlkr’s thoughts:
Very fun, but I feel like I’m getting anally raped by the grapple system and the guy with the super wig and bad body acne. Other than that it’s a fun-hard game.

Be prepared to see this a lot.
Beetle Master's pregnancy did not go well and she is currently suffering from "TEETH!".
The real One-eyed Monster. Or is it the One-mouthed Monster?
Blanka ain't got shit compared to this guy.
A matter of low creativity:
Not only are the monster designs weak, their names aren’t any better. Huge Frogger, Clawhead and Beetle Master are about as clever as mugging an old woman. Stages with names like American City and French City are pretty sad as well.