Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts
Size: 4 megs
No. of players: 2(simultaneously)

One evening, after engaging in yet another street brawl with some jerk-off gang members, Billy Badass(your character) runs into an old man who offers to teach him "the ways of the warrior". Being just bad-ass(BILLY Badass, that is) you throw a punch at the old man(as I think we'd all do when confronted in this manner)...after picking yourself up off the ground he offers to train you at his dojo, as payment to a debt owed to your father(William Badass). You accept his offer...
What's it all about?
Have you ever wanted to play a game that will just rip your ass to pieces? Well, Budokan is for you! It's...and I find it hard to even fathom, let alone actually say: A fight *simulator*. There are four different styles of martial arts available for you to learn(Karate, Bo, Nunchaku and Kendo). Going to each one of the specific dojos you'll practice the various moves, and even be given a choice of three opponents to spar with. Once you feel your have adequately mastered(ha, ha) a specific art, before heading to the Budokan, you can test it out against a sparring partner who has any of the four arts at his disposal. Once they get done whipping your ass, you can head back to the dojo or, foolishly, head off to the Budokan to compete professionally...(good-fucking-luck)

Graphics - Sparse...but not bad...a little late 80's VGA-ish, but again, not too bad at all. The animation is a bit slow, and kind of stiff...but you get used to it after a while. The background graphics are actually, a lot of times, more exciting than anything going on with your character as you get to watch various wildlife running around and gaze over beautiful, lush scenery. Speaking of graphics though: You'll notice this review is packed with pics...I have pretty much shown off every piece of graphic the game has to offer, with the exception of a few of the opponents at the tournament. I found the overhead view of the area to be quite amusing as your character choppily makes his way to one of the dojos...

Sound - Like the graphics, there's just not much of it. What little there is, is actually done pretty well though. You've got your various grunts, screams and power yelps for the fighters, and an assortment of tranquil wildlife noises going on in the background.

There are a few(like, maybe three) musical pieces that accompany you through the cut scenes...nothing too memorable, and just about what you'd expect from the mood of the game.
Control - Overly complicated....and slow to respond. Each move has to be performed using a combination of a directional pad press and a button...then the more powerful moves require weird-ass combinations like "forward, back, back up + attack". If you were in the right stance, the move *might* come off...if not, nope...if you did it too fast, nope. Of course, this has to be done while the overly vicious AI is just hopping their asses over to you, using some impossibly hard air spinning move that kills you in two hits.

I'll take a Bo to the head for 150 Alex...
AI - This is the kind of AI that would fuck your mother, up the ass, right in front of you. Since blocking is simply a pipe dream, you just have to be on all-out offense and pray. Assuming you've got the nunchakus with you, this works out pretty well...but if you don't, kiss your ass goodbye.
Replay value - Pretty much little to none. It's kind of cool to play around with at first, as there's just not a whole lot out there like it...but once you've fucked around with various arts long enough, there's not much to do except attempt to take on the Budokan tournament...and shit just falls apart from there.
Tips for better gaming experiences:
Once you run out of Nunchaku at the Budokan, it's fucking over...just put the controller down and walk away...(trust me on this)

My rating: 45(out of 100) - It's definitely an interesting concept, it just doesn't make for a particularly fun game. Kudos go out to it just for the fact that there's nothing out there quite like it(except for Best of the Best Championship Karate, I guess)...but past that...

Cat's review:
Bleh....keep this piece of sim-crap away from this kitty! Give me Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, this puss craves action!

Horse stance!? No match against my Shadow Kick...oh wait, I'm not Johnny Cage.
Nothing like having your ass whipped by an 80 year old man with a stick...
Time for a quick slap to the nuts with the nunchaku!
Back savage!
Remember kids, chinese wise man once say: