Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sega
Size: 4 megs
No. of players: 1
Got it for: $2.99, cart only

Sega's answer to Mario Paint....I wish I had something more to say...but I don't...that's it....go away...leave me be!

What's it all about?
It's your basic paint program, maybe a little more. Choosing from various tools, shapes and more you can select from a variety of colors and go to town. Past that, there are a few pre-made patterns to use as well as "stamps" of your favorite Sega characters. A small bit of effort was put in to add some very low level animation routines, but it's so very basic it'll make you wonder why they even bothered...

Graphics - I guess the only thing that could qualify as actual, in-game graphics would be the animations that are already setup for you with various characters. All are pretty large, and well I guess it's alright.
Sound - You will actually want to piss your pants, it's so fucking unbelievably annoying. It only plays the music when you are drawing, so you draw a small bit, it plays. You stop, it on and so forth...
Control - It's better with the Mega Mouse....actually, it's acceptable with the Mega Mouse. It's not that the control is bad with the controller, it's just difficult.
AI - Art Alive will whip your ass, it's so cheap! I can't believe the combos it pulls off....oh wait...nevermind.
Replay value - Assuming you got into it, I'm sure this could be fun for a very long time...I just couldn't. Oh, one small tip though: You CANNOT save your work, so just remember that when you're about an hour into a project...
Tips for better gaming experiences:
Buy Mario Paint instead...

My rating: 27(out of 100) - Piss poor, boring attempt at Nintendo's Mario Paint.

Cat's Meow:
Oh, come on Bel...this isn't that bad. Has some fun things, like the pre-made animations and stuff. True, it's not as good as Mario Paint, but it's still a nice, fun painting program for the Genesis.

I call it "The ToeJam"
Have fun with text too!
Now you too can make thrilling pieces like this in minutes.
It's not meant to be just, simply, is...