Publisher: Kaneko
Developer: Kaneko
Size: 4 Megs
No. of players: 2(simultaneously)
Official Ad: Yes

This is a shooting miracle! The speed, the fire power, the graphics! This game, after all of this time, is still a sight to behold! More than just a mindless, air-death killing's a *great* mindless, air-death killing spree!

What's it all about?
What appears to be your basic shooter, actually turns out to be an extreme rush of action. You, and a buddy, fly through various missions while shooting down any and everything in your path. Huge bosses, excellent graphics, a vast assortment of weapons and some nice touches(like smoke trails for downed ships) make this one of the more memorable shooters on the Genesis.

Graphics - Nicely detailed enemies and backgrounds are abundant in this shooter. Every enemy you shoot down leaves a smoke trail and all of the levels have multiple parallax backdrops. Some levels include high speed flight that will leave you speechless!
Sound - The sound effects are pretty good with the usual explosions and gun shots. The music rocks and will have you turning the volume up(for a change).
Control - Quite responsive. You're ship maneuvers very quickly, and with the speed power ups you can tune it to your liking.
AI - Fair! Unlike most shooters, there is always a safe spot to hide when the action gets hot. Not a lot of cheap shots here at all.
Replay value - As a shooter, it demands to be played again(and you will oblige). If for nothing else, you'll play it over and over just for the last section in level 2(zooooooom!).
Tips for better gaming experiences:
Be sure to have your bombs charged for boss fights, you *will* need them. Also, the game is pretty easy, but there are those that aren't into shooters, so to help them out, give the Infinite Credits codes for the Game Genie a try.

Game Genie:
Infinite credits for player 1: ACTA-AACJ

Infinite credits for player 2: ACZA-AABR

My rating: 97(out of 100) - It's hard to believe how early this game came out, and how fucking good it still is after all this time. A more solid shooter, you will have to bust your ass to find. Graphics, speed, playability, this one has it all!

Cat's review:
Great, but a little too fast for my taste. Remember, I'm a cat and have some trouble seeing all those moving sprites.....

Power-ups galore(and more)!
Mowing down the enemy high above the city.
Narrowly dodging the blue ray of death!
The Air Buster team...
Bel, bore me:
When Air Buster first came out, its pace was said(by Kaneko) to be so blistering that they offered a free glove to play the game with! Check the box scan and the photo to the left for a picture of it. I find this amusing as the game has an auto-fire option, therefore not requiring you to hit the fire button constantly...
Special thanks go out to ASG's own Mojo JoJo for the shot of the actual Kaneko Glove!